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In the News

George Bush Elected President??? Give me a break.

The Family : The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty by Kitty Kelly.

Paul O'Neill, former Secretary of the Treasury, contributes to this revealing book about President Bush, his management style, motivations, and possible bending of the truth. If true, the accusations made in "The Price of Loyalty" are much more significant than any accusations ever made against Clinton.


It is hard to find someone with more access to the President and the decision making process in the administration than Mr. O'Neill. Why would he risk his peace and quiet to portray such a disturbing picture of the President? Does he have anything to gain? He denies having anything to gain in this book.

Now it is time to start giving the current prez a hard time.

Read George W. Bushisms : The Slate Book of The Accidental Wit and Wisdom of our 43rd President

The Accidental President: How 413 Lawyers, 9 Supreme Court Justices, and 5,963,110 Floridians (Give or Take a Few) Landed George W. Bush in the White House by David A. Kaplan


Order a copy of Monica Lewinsky's book now.  Find out what her side of the story is.

Clinton Grand Jury Testimony on Video The President's graphic testimony is still on video tape, and you can order your copy right now!

Read Kenneth Starr's  report on the abuses of power President Clinton allegedly performed. I have to say that I am pretty irritated that none of the original issues such at Whitewater are covered. Yes, Clinton was an idiot to do what he did in the White House, but let us not pretend to be appalled by such acts when they are happening everywhere all the time. Vote below!

The Zapruder video that Oliver Stone's JFK movie spent so much time analyzing is now available for purchase. Make up your own mind about the conspiracy.

To the right are several of the books that chronical the Clinton Presidency and the alleged scandals.

The Clinton Syndrome by Jerome D. Levinclaims to make a clinical assessment of Clinton's tragic flaws. Why does he keep shooting himself in the foot when he has the opportunity to do such great things.

by William Bennett" HSPACE=4 BORDER=0 height=110 width=70 align=RIGHT> Apparently, the big selling book at Amazon is Death of Outrage; Bill Clinton and the Assault on American Ideals by William J. Bennett. If you ask me, Bennett sits a little too much on his high horse. I wish he would worry more about accomplishing real projects than about everyone else's morals.

Bush Scandal Books

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Clinton Scandal Books

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