Medical Resources for Palm Users

Below are a listing of useful resources for those who are or wish to use the Palm computers in the medical profession. Please use our Suggestion Form if you would like to submit additional sites.

Medical Texts

USMLE Review

USMLE Step 1
USMLE Step 2
USMLE Step 3

Medical Specialties

Internal Med
Surgery for Obesity Boards ABSITE Tranplant Textbooks
ER Medicine


Review Books
Kaplan's Course
Kaplan's Course--online


Medical News
Free Med Articles for your Palm
Sync w/ Avantgo


Financial Aid Information
Domain Name Registration
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Those of you in the medical profession should get the Epocrates drug database which is available HERE ( ).  It provides as least as much info as the Classic Pharmacopoeia Pocketbook edition and is extremely easy to use.  I use it quite frequently now. 

Another nice free Palm program is MedMath.  MedMath ( ) is a program with many of the most commonly used medical formulas built in.  For example, if you wish to calculate the Fraction excretion of sodium, all you need to do is enter the variable values and presto, the program does the calculation.

Medcalc is yet another free medical calculator. It has over 50 different medic ne calculations.

Syncing Your Palm to Online Data

Med Articles for your Palm: Clicking on this link will allow you to set up your PDA to sync with the latest articles about medical, surgical, and transplant issues. The link relies on free software from Avantgo.

Vindigo: Vindigo is a free online city guide for the metropolitan areas in the US. It will sync to its online databases and give you up to date information on local movie listings, restaurants, and stores.

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