Tips For Running a Good Club
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Submissions from Visitors to the BookMarc
  1. Each member should bring 2 or 3 thought provoking questions or observations to share with the group. 
  2. The person who suggested that book leads the discussion. 
  3. Have Pot-Luck meals at the meeting. Check outthe new Recipe Suggestion page.
  4. Give everyone a chance to contribute in the discussions.
  5. Save money by picking books in paperback.
  6. Keep a formal list of all the books your group reads. 
  7. "In our club (WTS Bookclub of Houston) when it's your turn to pick the book you also chose the meeting place.  A couple of times it was in someone's home but usually it has been at a restaurant.  If at all possible try to get round tables that way you can see and hear everyone.  That's a problem sometimes with 17 members when you're seated at long table." 
  8. Keep a photo and log record of each meeting. As the unofficial club secretary I started taking pictures at the meetings, put a scrapbook together and a brief summary of the book and our meeting. It's fun to remember and look back at past meetings.
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